Ultimate expression of oneself and the sharing of thoughts along the journey.

My name is Joshua Ayson and I began this site as an outlet for my technical and creative thoughts. I’ve owned a few domains in the past, schnuckleputz.com, monami.us, which came and went. Milehighcode.com for my business. This site initially began as a tech blog, which I’ve widened in scope to include topics which are related, but not always purely technical in nature. You can read my original about me page used when this site began, which is a mini tech biography describing why I became interested in computers and technology.

I currently live in Colorado with my wife Laura, Lexi the tabby, Tashi the shih tzu and Daisy the mini schnauzer. I primarily grew up in Washington state and lived some of my childhood in Stuttgart, Germany. Laura and I moved to Colorado in 2006 in search of sun and open spaces.

Writing for fun, hiking and snowshoeing, traveling to “un”tourist destinations, learning new skills and reading fiction and technical materials are some things I love to do. I am passionate about seeking purpose and living pragmatically.