Nature Inspires Creativity

Apricots and Avocado

Nature is inspiring and living simply doesn’t mean you have to leave creativity at home! Unleashing the creative artist within is a wonderful way to create more balance throughout your life.

Laura’s Nature Mosaic

A nature mosaic can be made practically anywhere out of doors and from materials you find in your natural surroundings. To the right is  a mosaic with a giant redwood tree, some wispy green clouds and a sun in the background.

A framed nature mosaic with tall aquamarine trees, a log house with chimney smoke and a little garden.

There was charcoal all over the forest we were visiting due to the 2002 Colorado Hayman fire and we left a few tags, in hidden places, to revisit in the future.

Joshua’s Nature Mosaic
Charcoal Tagging
Mr. Smiley

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